Farewell, G\

G\ was created in 2014 as the supporting system for Chevereto. It is now being superseded by a superior next-gen framework known as Chevere.

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A word on G\ and Chevere

Created as a very minimal backbone for PHP development, at some point, G\ started to show how evident it was its lack of features as Chevereto wasn't capable of growing at the desired rate. Indeed, G\ is barely three classes and a bunch of functions. The lack of features drove all the development load to the business logic, which ended up causing a lot of technical debt.

I was too green when developing G\, and I took the hardest route when I used it as the foundation of Chevereto. Fortunatelly, the difficulties came with tons of experience. I started the development of the Chevere framework based on the specific needs of Chevereto users: An extensible system, where others can easily add or develop new functionality under a robust architecture. In this endeavor, I've tried many frameworks, libraries and I educated myself on Clean Code/Architecture.

The outcome is a system that it is far superior in every single category. Not only it does provide more functionality, it is being made with a strong focus in code quality, testing and SOLID principles.

Many thanks to all those who give it G\ a try, hope meet you again at Chevere.

Sincerely, Rodolfo Berrios.