Taking back the fun to PHP

G\ is an elegant micro-framework that helps you to quickly build PHP web applications like never before. Try it out and see by yourself.


A Small Footprint Micro-framework for PHP

G\ was created as an easy to learn MVC micro-framework structure where developers can hook and rely on its functions and routing for the basic core tasks of any modern web application. G\ is actually the opposite from a traditional PHP framework: It doesn’t create forms or handle the sign ups of your application, you need to code that but that is not a problem because G\ is for developers who enjoy to code.

Smart Routing

Routes works itself so if you create route.user.php you already have /user bind. You don’t need to define anything in a separated file and cherry on top this routes can be overwritten without losing the original route.


G\ uses all the syntax best practices like camel case, single quotes, namespaces, etc. G\ was created by a guy which codes PHP and JavaScript so the syntax uses a lot of JavaScript inspired things like anonymous functions and so on. This makes G\ a little more spicy.

Bundled Functions

G\ also comes with a huge set of PHP functions collected in years of development. You will find functions to convert, format data, validate, etc.

Fast and Lightweight

G\ is extremely fast and it consumes very low system resources which is perfect for production websites where the cost of every second of the machine counts. As an example, G\ only requires 0.9 MB and 0.07 seconds to load a Chevereto demo request.

Built-in Theme Engine

It comes with a theme handler which uses native PHP and on-the-fly function handlers so you can invoke functions like get_client() auto defined in the router and only bind to that view. Works like WordPress theme engine.

Works for Everyone

No matter what kind of web application are you making or how much skilled you are, G\ is perfect for any use from a simple landing page to a complex web application.